" If you haven’t heard nature whispering to you lately, now is a good time to give her the opportunity.” -Osho

Imagine leaving behind the complexities of your workweek for a few hours or a few days. Life is slow and simple. You feel that part of yourself blossoming that notices little details. Bird sounds, the intense green of the budding leaves, the cool moist moss. You take time to listen to the stream flowing beside you. The stresses melt out of your body; you experience a kind of peace that nature offers so easily and purely. You are free to joyfully connect with others, and free to quietly reconnect with yourself. You return home with a new experience, and with new tools to carry the sense of peace that you have tapped into, back into your life, and also to those around you. It is the ultimate gift.

We live in fast paced times. Within each of us is a knowing, a need for connection and creativity. Nature is the ultimate catalyst for this. She is our teacher. Go Into Nature offers experiences in Charlottesville and the Blue Ridge Mountain Area with Beverly Ingram, who intimately knows this natural area and her gifts.

No outdoor experience is necessary, only a willingness and desire to take the time for yourself, and to be open to something new. 

Beverly is a certified Ecotherapist practicing in Charlottesville, Virginia, trained at the EarthBody Institute in California. Her practice is most influenced through somatic (body based) practices drawing from movement and mindfulness. Mindfulness practices inspired from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sensory & Somatic awareness practices, Japanese Shinrin-yoku Forest Bathing  Julie Henderson's well-being zapchen somatic exercises, Conscious Dance practices inspired by Gabrielle Roth, Bobby Mcferrin's circle singing, environmental art from Andy Goldsworthy, and countless other inspired and creative mentors and friends who have offered their gifts to create this refreshing swimming hole for us to bathe in!

For information about Beverly visit the About Beverly page. For information about upcoming events Click Here.