Upcoming Events

Nature Rx: Ecotherapy in the Wild for Health and Happiness

Explore techniques for deepening your connection with nature (and other human animals)!

FREE :-)

Every Wednesday from 5:45- 7:15.

Join this meetup here: Mindfulness in Nature Forest Bathing Meetup

No need to register just come join us :-)

Ivy Creek Natural Area- look for us in the parking area!

We will meet every Wednesday at Ivy Creek. Wear soft comfy shoes to feel the earth, a water bottle and journal if desired: but if so, bring a backpack or shoulder bag so your hands are free for engaging with nature. 

Women in the Wild- an 8-month journey meeting once a month

Click here to go to the Women in the Wild Page

Upon occasion, all Wild Women should take their own medicine walk to an inspirational place in nature. To be inspired, focused, to heal, to realign self and spirituality, and to gently place our feet on the path we are meant to travel.

You are invited to join a small group of women in a celebration and exploration of our deep innate connection with the natural world, understanding the need for us to periodically connect in this way for our health and for our souls.

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Private Ecotherapy nature-based wellness sessions with Beverly

click here: http://www.gointonature.com/private-sessions/

Weekly Classes Starting in the Fall

More information coming soon.